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LEVY: No shelter for convenience store owner

Toronto Sun 15 May 2021
Suzanne Gardner, who lives five minutes from the hotel, said the neighbourhood has seen a “drastic increase” in car break-ins, robberies, store theft — in her view, a “direct result” of drug addicts needing money to support their habit ... She’s worried the drug addicts will hang out on their condo properties and neighbouring parks all summer.

Under Downriver Spires

The Oneida Daily Dispatch 14 May 2021
Celebrate Recovery is a 12-step, Biblical balanced recovery program that help people overcome hurts, hang-ups and habits; it is a Christ-centered program that uses Jesus’ teachings to assist individuals to break from painful life issues and addictive behaviors in a safe, anonymous and confidential environment; the program is offered at 6 p.m ... ....

Woman in Utah befriends arresting officer after they become neighbors

WPTV 13 May 2021
Whether it's briefing the public or the press on incidents, Cannon always responds at a moment's notice when news breaks in Utah County ... Over the next several years, Butterfield fought hard to get clean, and with a support system, she was able to break her addiction and is now 10 years sober.

Getting away from it all? Maybe not.

El Defensor Chieftain 13 May 2021
A man my age should not be spending so much time on the internet ... When the previous 32-incher I bought two years ago went on the blink, I found I couldn’t go more than three days before I succumbed and had to have a new one, not unlike the guy in Breaking Bad who had to get high just one last time before he quit. Thus it is with addiction ... .

City of New York, Largest City in the US, to use Shatterproof’s Online Addiction Training ...

Daily Freeman 12 May 2021
Today, the City of New York has made Shatterproof’s Just Five, an online education program about the disease of addiction, available to more than 335,000 employees and their families ... revolutionizing the addiction treatment system, breaking down addiction-related stigmas and supporting and empowering our communities.

White Gold, Black Bodies and the Sugar Blues

The Washington Informer 12 May 2021
Still, the language of sugar – its sweetness, paints the highly addictive substance in particularly positive terms ... In this Washington Informer Health supplement, we want readers to unravel the truths behind sugar and learn new ways of breaking away from their addictions to it.

The biggest problem with Liz Cheney's current anti-Trump strategy

MSNBC 12 May 2021
Why efforts to break the GOP's addiction to the former president by focusing on his political appeal could backfire ... .

Stress, Hope and Happiness

The Times of India 12 May 2021
This pandemic has given lots of nightmares to many and depression, anxieties, worry, fear, panic along the journey. We all know the reasons behind this, but we hardly know the solution to remain stress-free, hopeful and happy in these circumstances ... Digital addiction is on the rise so watch your screen time and take frequent breaks ... .

English people must fight for Scotland’s democratic rights – or sacrifice their own

Open Democracy 12 May 2021
Michael Chessum. 12 May 2021, 10.29am ... PA Images / Alamy Stock Photo. Share via. Share on Twitter ... It is now in a period of existential crisis, unable to break with its addiction to parliamentary leadership and trapped in a relentless focus on high politics, polling figures and D-list celebrity drama with a diminishing sense of power and agency ... Submit.

Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation to Honor Oregon Attorney General and Stanford Professor

Citizen Tribune 11 May 2021
“We are excited and thrilled to celebrate the remarkable achievements of these extraordinary women who personify former First Lady Betty Ford’s vision of breaking down the stigma of addiction and opening doors to recovery for millions,” said Mark G ... free from addiction.

Legal Full 4th Circuit to review panel rejection of opioid addict’s ‘unreasonable’ sentence

Reuters 11 May 2021
Gregory said the district court had not sufficiently considered the role of Freeman's addiction, which developed after she was prescribed hydrocodone after breaking her tailbone in 2000. He wrote that "Freeman's severe opioid addiction and her disparate sentence merited a downward variance in this case.".

‘We want to get on the bright side of life.’ New opioid recovery housing open in Jackson

Michigan Live 10 May 2021
Hirst believes the housing model is one of the best ways to help people break the physical dependencies from opioid addiction because it addresses life and skill development while ensuring people are sober while their brain recovers from addiction, noting that from rehabilitation programs can be as high as 80%.

Why We Can’t Stop Thinking About the Same Problems

The Epoch Times 10 May 2021
Why do we do this, and how can we break this thinking addiction? We return to painful situations because, at the root, we believe that more thinking (about our problem), will fix it.

Kids will pay a steep price for this War on Merit in schools

New York Post 10 May 2021
More from.. Karol Markowicz. The CDC's cruel, irrational guidance traps our kids in the forever pandemic. Let’s break our Amazon addiction and start saving local small businesses. More union treachery from the United Federation of Teachers. Getting vaccinated is how we beat Fauci and other lockdown-forever loons ... Look ... see also ... That’s backward ... .

“You May Never See Those Numbers Again”: Can Cable News Pass the Post-Trump Test?

Vanity Fair 10 May 2021
In the background, there was cable news, narrating the minute-by-minute chaos, feeding our nonstop information addiction, keeping us hooked, lest we miss what happened next ... Bit by bit, the Trump gold rush slowed to a trickle, and people began to break their cable news addictions.